Ioanis Nikolaidis, Mustafa Gül, and Dr. Omid Ardakanian (University of Alberta)

2022 Finalist: Outstanding Achievement in Urban Development – Research











Sector: Smart, Sustainable, Resilient, and Energy Efficient Cities 

Ioanis NikolaidisComputing Science, University of Alberta
Researching the design and performance analysis of networked distributed systems, and wireless sensor-based systems.

Mustafa Gül, Structural Engineering, University of Alberta
Researching Civil Infrastructure Systems to improve performance by means of Structural Health Monitoring (a highly interdisciplinary research area integrating different cutting edge technologies).

Dr. Omid Ardakanian, Computing Science, University of Alberta
Research focuses on the design, implementation, and performance of intelligent networked systems.

Evaluation and improvement of the integrated performance of two main components that can potentially mitigate housing related GHG emissions in order to ensure the efficient use of energy and the efficient self-consumption of distributed solar PV. The research team has been developing cutting-edge monitoring technologies and data analysis methods for evaluating and improving the energy performance of buildings to reduce the energy consumption, as well as to increase the use of renewable energy resources and improve their performance.