Lougheed, Honourable Premier Peter

1998 Winner: ASTech Special Award

Premier Strengthens Science And Technology In Alberta

As Premier of Alberta, Mr. Lougheed was integrally involved in all provincial government initiatives and stressed the long-term need for economic diversification to benefit Albertans. To this end he believed that the enhancement of science and technology in Alberta was of key importance and so played an active role in the development of many of our institutions related to science and technology. Most notably: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Alberta Agriculture Research Authority Alberta Oils Sands Research Authority, Alberta Research Council in Edmonton and Calgary, and the Alberta Environmental Laboratories, Vegreville.

He was a keen supporter of complementary educational institutions and museums; including the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller wherein he insisted that paleontology should be learned on the site, the Provincial Museum in Edmonton, and the Glenbow Foundation in Calgary. His drive for in economic diversification has made science and technology a significant driver in Alberta’s current economic climate. We salute him as a builder and great friend of science and technology.