Revolve Technologies

1996 Winner: Outstanding Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology (Sales less than 25 million)

Nearly ‘Infinite’ Application Opportunities

Since its inception in January of 1993, Revolve Technologies Inc. has carved itself a unique niche and an enviable reputation as an independent engineering consulting company with a twist. Typically, high technology suggests small products for computers, vaccines and outer space, and hard scrambling for research dollars. However, Revolve’s products and expertise run machinery half the size of a house. Revolve also has eager foreign corporate giants willing to finance research and development and new product partnerships, an enviable sales record of 90% experts and well respected customers located around the world from Northern Alberta to the Middle East, Venezuela, Japan and Russia.

Revolve is on the cutting edge in frictionless magnetic bearing, oilless ‘dry’ seals and rotating equipment technologies used mainly for pumps and compressors in the transmission of natural gas around the world. Application opportunities of these technologies appear to be infinite. The market introduction of their fully digital control system for active magnetic bearings is fundamental to their growing international reputation as being ‘the best there is’ as a value adding systems integrator for rotating equipment.

Recently the company has expanded with the addition of two automated test cells, capable of conducting dynamics testing at rotational speeds up to 30,000 rpm. Revolve currently has 49 employees with a mix of educational backgrounds, 30 of whom have attended local educational institutions. The management style is based on the principle that employees take responsibility for determining how and where they add value to the organization.