Shaunaugh Whelan (Norquest College)

2022 Finalist: Social Innovation – Programs Promoting Autism (Neurodiversity Inclusion)





Sector: AI/ML/ data analytics – Collaborating with Industry and Post-Secondaries to Develop new AI and ML training pathways.

Shaunaugh Whelan, Technology Program Chair and AI Pathways Partnership Coordinator
In support of an Alberta-wide post-secondary collaboration (AIPP) – Shaunaugh developed and launched a new machine learning analyst diploma accessible to entry-level workers, the first of its kind in Canada. As coordinator of the AI Pathways Partnership (AIPP) she continues to lead projects to develop new AI training pathways for all Albertans and increase the ML workforce. Shaunaugh is a champion working hard to smash barriers to AI careers faced by groups chronically underrepresented in tech and STEM.

AI Pathways Partnership (AIPP) is a consortium of post-secondary institutions committed to working collaboratively with industry partners to train learners and retain graduates for Alberta’s dynamic AI and ML industry. The consortium includes NorQuest College, Athabasca University, Concordia University of Edmonton, and Bow Valley College, in collaboration with Amii and made possible through funding provided by Western Economic Diversification Canada. – now known as PrairesCan.