Standard Field Systems Inc.

2023 Finalist: Alberta-wide Community Champion of Innovation

Finalist: Standard Field Systems Inc. (Samuel Jenkins, CEO; Estyn Edwards, Founder; Mark Zacharias, Founder)






Initiative: Embracing digital technology to drive safer communities

Standard Field Systems Inc. is an organization focused on empowering law enforcement officers with data-capturing solutions that facilitate safety at roadside and accurate decision-making at on an organizational level.

The Company’s flagship solution is the Pocket SFST, a software application that has revolutionized the SFST protocol at roadside with efficient and accurate capture of evidence, which lays the foundation for automated reporting and deep dive data analysis to enable effective decision-making and reporting.

While the Company’s solution offering is geared to support law enforcement, the end result is safer communities through the swift dealing of DUI’s, increased funding for agencies because of better reporting and overall increase in transparency between law enforcement and the communities they serve. A key objective for all the company solutions is fairness, and it’s through achieving this objective that public trust is established.