Ling Huang (Technology North Corporation)

2022 Finalist: Social Innovation – Programs Promoting Autism (Neurodiversity Inclusion)

Sector: ICT and Social Enterprise – RoboCoach and Technology North Digital Services Autism Employment Program

Ling Huang, CEO
A senior security and management consultant who has been recognized as an innovative, quality-focused professional

Technology North Corporation is an adaptable training, employment, and service delivery vehicle that concentrates on empowering youth with barriers. Utilizing assistive tech and AI to facilitate workflows and training efficiency, TN currently accept neurodiverse individuals and those suffering from adverse socio-political circumstances with a focus on autism. Autistic employees in the TNDS gain confidence and the teamwork skills needed to work in industry and hold down a career, while job coaches, customers, and managers will gain unique experience and insights from working with neurodiverse participants while creating happy family. It is a win-win-win for citizen, family and government.