The Calgary Science Network

1996 Winner: Excellence In Science And Technology Public Awareness

Raising the Bar for Science Awareness

The Calgary Science Network is a volunteer organization devoted to the increasing public awareness of science. It has had such success in delivering a vast array of programs that it has become the national model for similar organizations. The dedication of its members, drawn from the spheres of education, science and journalism, has resulted in striking success on many projects including the Science Hotline and the Calgary Science Fun Guide. The Science Hotline is the model on which a national program was developed for bringing teachers and scientists together.

Over 50,000 Calgary school students have had contact with a scientist through this service since 1991, with 15,500 scientist-to-student contacts in this past year alone. Its volunteer scientists have logged over 5000 hours of service. The Calgary Science Fun Guide, an innovative guide to science organizations and institutions in the Calgary area, is spiced with 70 science activities that are fun for the whole family. This book, the first of its kind in Canada, has sold more than 3,000 copies. In addition, the Calgary Science Network spearheads and coordinates Calgary activities during National Science and Technology Week, runs science workshops for elementary science teachers (a sold out event in 1995) and maintains a web home page. This exciting organization continues to grow in new directions displaying a leadership role in many science awareness activities.