TruMe Whole Health

2023 Winner: Regional Innovation Champion

Winner: TruMe Whole Health (Melissa Hozack, CEO/President/Founder)

Presenter: Carla Otto, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Investments,  Alberta Innovates

Initiative: Empowering transformative actions that build a whole health lifestyle.

Finalist: Women In Innovation

Founder Melissa Hozack has been a leading, award-winning pharmacist in the area of Health Promotion, specifically weight loss and therapeutic nutrition. She founded TruMe Whole Health with partner Wendi Eeet, and together, they have decades of experience in the industry. TruMe was developed to create innovative products free of sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, and intends on making healthy options not found elsewhere. Melissa’s experience with patients and the trust of them and her colleagues over the past 22 years has helped grow the company among pharmacies, chiropractors, health and nutrition stores, and weight loss centers, among others!