XSENSOR Technology Company

2011 Winner: Outstanding Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology (Sales less than 25 million)

Tech Corporation Positioned For Growth In Health, Automotive And Sleep Industries

XSENSOR Technology Corporation is the leading innovator in the field of pressure imaging — commonly referred to as pressure mapping — in the patient safety and automotive testing and mattress retail systems businesses.

The first product XSENSOR developed and marketed in 1998 was a pressure sensor specifically for wheelchair seating assessment. Since then the company has grown to provide world-leading pressure imaging technology to hospitals around the world — including Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Walter Reid Military Hospital, among others.

“These systems provide vital information to aid health care practitioners to identify excessive pressures that can otherwise lead to skin breakdown and pressure ulcers,” says COO Bruce Malkinson. “For individuals at risk, pressure imaging provides information for diagnosis, intervention and prevention that can ensure they maintain or quickly return to their active lifestyle.”

With advances in XSENSOR’s core technology these same systems can be used to measure pressure over unlimited time periods. ForeSite PT Patient Turn Management is the first product using this technology and will be used on hospital beds to continuously monitor pressures on patient body surfaces to provide nurses with vital information to improve the effectiveness of patient turning strategies.

“Pressure ulcers remain a common problem in all health care settings,” comments Mr. Malkinson.  In 2009 the US Joint Commissions, the organization responsible for the certification of most US hospitals, called for the elimination of all pressure ulcers in long-term care facilities. The UK, Australia and many other countries are following with similar programs.

Introduction of innovative products like the ForeSite PT system provides growth opportunities for XSENSOR’s medical business unit. Commercializing the Patient Turn Management System will increase XSENSOR’s business significantly.  XSENSOR expects to have an installed base of several thousand systems within five years.

“Successful commercialization will result in creation of  new full-time jobs in manufacturing and the commercial team at XSENSOR,” Mr. Malkinson explains. “Alberta suppliers of sub-components, materials and design and manufacturing services will also benefit.”

In addition, the world’s top mattress manufacturers and retailers rely on XSENSOR’s pressure imaging to influence their designs and retail offerings. XSENSOR has extended this technology to the retail setting by creating a mattress consumer education and product recommendation system.

XSENSOR has also become the leader in sensor design for the automotive industry, developing imaging for tires ranging from standard passenger to the largest mining and agricultural vehicles.

As the standards of passenger comfort increase XSENSOR’s seat and back sensors are becoming widely accepted as the standard of measure in automotive seating.

XSENSOR commits up to 20 per cent of revenues annually to research and development to advance its core competency ?  Intelligent and Invisible Sensing — sensors that become part of the environment they were intended to measure and are capable of helping make decisions relevant to the users’ needs. This technology sets XSENSOR apart from any other company in the world.

Over the past 15 years XSENSOR’s revenue has grown steadily, with the health assessment, personal comfort and automotive engineering markets each contributing approximately one third. With over 30 employees and several key new products in development, XSENSOR is positioned for significant growth in revenue.