Dr. John P.Davis & Christopher Cassin (Zero Point Cryogenics)

2022 Winner: Early Adoption of Alberta Innovation

WINNER: Dr. John P.Davis & Christopher Cassin (Zero Point Cryogenics)

Initiative: Manufacturing of Dilution Refrigerators to Support the Development of Quantum Technologies

Zero Point Cryogenics – Zero Point Cryogenics manufactures cryogenic equipment called dilution refrigerators, which are the primary low-temperature platform for quantum computers. The company is focused on designing robust and reliable dilution refrigerators to enable quantum technology research and innovation. ZPC is the only manufacturer of its kind in Canada and is working to support Canada’s National Quantum Strategy.

Dr. John P. Davis, Founder and CTO, an accomplished researcher in the field of low-temperature physics and recipient of multiple international awards, his vision is to improve the size and operability of dilution refrigerators. Through innovation, Zero Point Cryogenics has improved the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of dilution refrigerators with a mission to enable researchers to advance quantum technology.

Christopher Cassin CEO, Zero Point Cryogenics – leads Zero Point Cryogenics’ talented team and manages the planning, organization and general controls to optimize the operational activities of the company. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and is actively involved in the Edmonton tech community.