Nomination FAQs

When are nominations accepted for the 2022 ASTech Awards?

The nomination window closes September 20th, 2022 at 10:00 AM MDT.

Can I self-nominate?

Yes! Self-nominations are encouraged. 

Can I nominate in more than one category?


It looks like we’re able to send in supplemental materials with our nomination.  What can we send?

Yes, you are welcome to support your written nomination with up to 2 documents (no longer than 3 pages each) such as marketing materials, published interviews, etc. which demonstrate the impact of your work.

Do I need to spend time and money to produce a video, too?

No. It’s perfectly acceptable to submit a video off your smartphone.  This is your opportunity to tell your story to the judges; to make sure they understand the key points of your nomination. Also acceptable: awards video, media interview, promo video, etc. All video submissions must be under 3 minutes.

May we enter a “Test Form” without any penalty?

Absolutely. Also if you submit, and then find you have other information to add prior to the submission date – please add all information into a complete and updated form – stating that you would like “This submission is our Complete and Final Nomination for this Individual”.


Is there a way to view the form in its entirety to see what information we need to collect for our nomination?

Yes. Check out our PDF example nomination form and see just how easy it is to nominate a deserving candidate for a 2022 ASTech Award. View PDF Example Nomination Form. Note – The PDF Form is strictly for viewing purposes; an online submission must be made to be considered for a 2022 ASTech Award.