Artificial Intelligence Speaker Series

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the world

Our lives are already impacted by Artificial Intelligence, and the trend will continue.  So said four speakers who each brought a unique perspective to the sold-out crowd at the Artificial Intelligence Speaker Series March 27, 2019 at SAIT. All agreed the impact — and the possibilities — of AI are enormous and nothing to be feared.

VizworX CEO Jeff LaFrenz said AI is not necessarily taking over the world, but it is impacting jobs and it’s not a level playing field. He said $1 trillion is wasted every year in re-work and AI can help create efficiencies.

VizworX CEO Jeff LaFrenz

University of Alberta Professor Pierre Boulanger said improving healthcare means giving us control over our data and using tools to enhance remote diagnostics.

Prof. Pierre Boulanger

GuildOne CEO James Graham said blockchain eliminates friction in data where parties agree on the source of truth. The democratization of data means we’re in the age of what you see is also what I see.

GuildOne CEO James Graham

Cisco Distinguished Engineer Rob Barton said AI shows us how to think differently to solve problems in ways we have never thought about before.Cisco Distinguished Engineer Rob Barton

Thank you to all those who attended, in person and online, and to our sponsors SAIT, Cisco, NSERC and the University of Lethbridge.

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