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Do you know an individual, team or company inspiring innovation in Alberta, paving the way for leaders of tomorrow or developing amazing products or research? Bring their work to the forefront of Alberta’s innovation community and help them receive the recognition their hard work deserves. NOMINATE them for an ASTech Award!

**NEW in 2021**

  • Written nomination in three sections: the problem or opportunity your work addressed, your solution, and the impact of your work. Maximum 1,500 words.
  • Supporting documents: upload news articles, marketing materials or interviews to strengthen your nomination.  Help judges appreciate the impact of your work.
  • Upload a video: Include a short video to help validate the significance of your work.


Click on the Award name to view the criteria.


If you are wondering about which category to select, email

IMPORTANT: To be successful, the nomination MUST draw a parallel between the Award criteria and the accomplishments of the nominee. Work on your submission offline before submitting online.

STEP 1Create an account and complete the nomination form.  Answer each question specifically and thoroughly in the space provided. Save and proceed through each section. You can go back to your nomination form, make changes, and upload supporting documentation at your convenience. This can be done multiple times until the deadline of June 7, 2021. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

STEP 2Compile the required supporting documents.

  • – 2-3 independent letters supporting the achievements and the nomination; and
  • – Signed letter of attestation by the nominee, downloaded from within the nomination form.

STEP 3 – Compile optional supporting documents.

  • – Up to 2 supporting documents (maximum 3 pages each) to help make your case. News articles, marketing materials, interviews or other articles which validate the importance of your work and supplement your written nomination.
  • – One short video (maximum 3 minutes) which validates the significance of your work. This could be a simple phone video which describes the achievement, or an awards video, media interview or other supporting piece. If the video exceeds 3 minutes, it will be disqualified.

STEP 4 – Upload the supporting documents.

To complete the nomination process, log in, go back to your nomination form, make final changes, upload supporting documentation, and save your changes.  You can do this as many times as required until the nominations deadline of May 31, 2021.

You’ll receive reminder emails before the deadline while your submission is incomplete. Nominations that remain incomplete after the deadline will not be considered by the judges.

  • A nominee (person/group/team/organization) may be nominated a maximum of two years in a row for the same achievement. After two subsequent nominations, the nominee and the same achievement are ineligible for nomination the following (3rd) year UNLESS the achievement is significantly different or is a new achievement. The nominee and the same achievement could be nominated again after one year’s absence from the nomination process.


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