Why apply for an ASTech Award?

An ASTech Award creates profile for individuals and companies at every stage of development:

  • – Peer and sector recognition;
  • – Visibility to a wider audience;
  • – Credibility enhancement that helps with financing, customer relationships and talent recruitment;
  • – A morale boost for employees, investors, business partners and other stakeholders who are recognized for outstanding achievement;
  • – Profile and ongoing recognition through all ASTech communications platforms;
  • – Profile when ASTech stakeholders pick up and promote the story of the award winner and underlying activity.

Some awards also include a cash prize or accounting, legal or business mentoring consulting.

Dr. Mohamed Elhabiby discusses how winning an ASTech Award helped his company Micro Engineering Tech Inc.

GrowSafe Systems won a sponsored award in 2012 that came with a cash prize.  Co-Founder Camiel Huisma describes how the money — and the credibility and contacts — helped build their business at a crucial time.