Outstanding Achievement in Agricultural Innovation

This award honours the successful development and/or commercialization of novel technology or process with significant benefit within the agricultural and food industry.

  • – Positive economic impact: job creation, growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy;
  • – Positive impact on environmental performance: reduced water use, reduced air emissions, enhanced energy efficiency, smaller land footprint, sustainable environmental management or improved waste reduction;
  • – Positive impact on consumer: improved food safety, increased productivity and profitability for safe affordable food supply, improved public trust; or
  • – Positive impact on animal health and welfare: enhanced animal well-being, enhanced best management practices.

WHO CAN APPLY: individual, team or organization

Written nomination submission MUST address the following criteria. Frame your answers for a non-expert in your field; use layman’s terms.


  1. 1. What is the market problem or opportunity you addressed through this innovation? (250 words)
  2. 2. How did you develop the solution to this problem? Answer the following questions: (750 words)
  • – Describe the innovation and how it is unique and leading edge.
  • – Describe or demonstrate how the innovation has progressed from concept to commercial application.
  • – How does the solution contribute to gains in operational efficiency and improvements?
  • – What is the significance of the solution?
  1. 3. Demonstrate economic, environmental, social or animal welfare benefits. (500 words)
  • – How does it enhance economic development? For example, does it create/and or retain high-paying jobs? Does it further the growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy?
  • – Describe the environmental benefits and how the innovation is having a positive impact on the environment.
  • – How does the technology or innovation contribute to improved quality of life?
  • – How does the technology or innovation contribute to improved animal health and welfare?

Nominations for the 2020 ASTech Awards are open March 16 – May 31, 2020.