Agile Industries

2023 Finalist: Indigenous-led Entrepreneurship and Contribution to Knowledge, Excellence in Furthering Inclusive Communities

Finalist: Agile Industries (Harlee Courtepatte, Founder)

Initiative: Advancing Indigenous Led Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Agile Industries is reshaping the IT service landscape for non-profits and SMBs, emphasizing adaptability and relevance in the digital era. With a commitment to cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions, Agile has introduced the Hybrid-cloud Methodology anchored in their MITE (Managed IT Environment) framework. This distinct approach encompasses five core areas of IT service: streamlining workforce productivity, optimizing facility-based operations, enhancing team collaboration, supporting roaming & mobility, and offering robust cloud-based server & data systems. Beyond its IT expertise, Agile Industries holds a deep commitment to uplifting Aboriginal communities through technological solutions, ensuring a balance between modern innovation and cultural heritage.