Medi-Scribe Solutions Inc.

2023 Finalist: Change Makers (Company), Innovation of the Year

Finalist: Medi-Scribe Solutions Inc. (Lawrence Woo, CEO/Co-founder; Nathan Nguyen, CTO/Co-founder; Jonathan Chan, Research Director)

Initiative: Novel drug information and documentation platform to advance patient care

Dr. Lawrence Woo, CEO, Co-founder: Lawrence is a prescribing pharmacist and a PharmD graduate from the University of Alberta. With experience working on the front lines and serving as a pharmacy manager, multi-store director, and consultant, Lawrence faced challenges related to documentation burden, often dedicating an additional 5-6 hours per week to ensure quality assurance and improve the quality of life for his staff. Motivated to find a comprehensive solution, Lawrence co-founded Medi-scribe alongside Nathan to return time to busy Pharmacists to serve patients better.

Nathan Nguyen, CTO, Co-founder: Nathan received his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, from the University of Alberta. With his technical prowess, Nathan co-founded Medi-scribe with Lawrence in 2021. Nathan has led the development of Medi-scribe, which is currently used in 20 pharmacies across Alberta and British Columbia.

Jonathan Chan, Research Director: Jonathan is the Research Director at Medi-scribe, PharmD student and a Research Assistant (Epidemiology Coordinating and Research (EPICORE) Centre) at the University of Alberta. With four years of research experience, he is leading the team in evaluating the utility of Medi-scribe in patient care in community pharmacies across Alberta.