AGvisorPRO (Patrick Walther, COO)

2023 Finalist: Agriculture / Agrifood Innovation

Finalist: AGvisorPRO (Patrick Walther, COO)

Initiative: AGvisorPRO advances agtech through its product ecosystem

AGvisorPRO offers a suite of innovative digital products designed to support the agricultural sector. AGvisorPRO’s Mission is to make farmers more profitable, make agriculture more sustainable, and increase global food security, and to do this, we are building products that provide Answers Now to customers in agriculture. The Company’s first product, AGvisorPRO, connects farmers with experts in various agricultural disciplines, providing instant access to essential knowledge and expertise. AGvisorPRO’s platform provides a better way to answer on-farm questions, increasing the confidence of producers. The Company’s latest product, visorPRO, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology to offer efficient, effective support for equipment dealerships. It provides accurate summaries from reference materials, allowing technicians and service workers to find answers to their queries instantly.