AltaRex Corp.

1997 Winner: Industrial Research

Company Leads The Way In Cancer Treatment Drugs

AltaRex Corp. is a publicly-held biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery and development of products for the treatment of cancer. These products are based on the company’s platform technology, Anti-idiotype Induction Therapy (AIT™), which enhances the human immune system’s ability to produce a highly specific and effective anti-tumour response.

New Products in Developement

The company has patents pending in 80 countries for this technology and strategic business alliances with worldwide companies, including Merck Frosst and Medac GmbH. The company currently has several products in the pipeline: Ovarex™, a therapeutic vaccine for ovarian cancer, is currently in Phase II/III clinical trials in Canada, Europe and the US. Two additional products for the treatment of breast cancer (Brevarex™) and gastrointestinal cancer (Givarex™) will enter Phase I/II clinical trials in 1998.

This prize will be used to research the technology’s application to the treatment of prostate cancer, one of the most common malignancies of the male population worldwide.