Areto Labs (Kasey Machin, COO)

2023 Finalist: Social Innovation/Educational Technologies

Finalist: Areto Labs (Kasey Machin, COO)

Initiative: Areto Labs: Countering Online Abuse and Transforming Social Media Communities

Kasey Machin and the Areto Labs team are trailblazers in the fight against online abuse and harassment. With a deep commitment to empathy, inclusivity, and social responsibility, they have created a groundbreaking Alberta-grown software solution that counteracts the effects of abusive comments on social media. Their technology not only benefits mental health but also has real business implications, from increased customer engagement to decreased reputational risk.

Areto Labs has harnessed the power of machine learning to track, moderate, and counteract online abuse on one convenient and highly customizable dashboard. Kasey has forged partnerships, garnered global media attention, and expanded Areto’s reach to support women in politics, professional sports, and non-profits. With Areto Labs, Kasey has not only built a successful business but also a movement. Areto Labs is not just transforming social media strategy; it is transforming lives and creating a future where everyone can thrive in a digital world free from abuse and harassment.