AuraWave Technologies Inc

2023 Finalist: Regional Innovation Champion

Finalist: AuraWave Technologies Inc (Arlan Schultz – President and CEO). – Lethbridge

Initiative: Advanced Gestural Control Devices for Immersive Audio and AR/VR Applications

Dr. Arlan N. Schultz is the Founder, President, and CEO of AuraWave. His work in digital audio is primarily focused on advanced gestural control devices for use in immersive sound, AR/VR and gaming applications, but also extends to computer-assisted composition, live 3D spatial audio systems, and novel audio synthesis algorithms. He is an internationally recognized composer and music educator, and his music has received several international awards, including the BMI Award, the Godfrey Ridout Award, and the Robert Fleming Prize. He was the recipient of 2nd Prize in the International Mozart Competition, Salzburg, and his String Quartet No. 2 was recently nominated for the Grawemeyer Prize for achievement by a living composer.

AuraWave is an innovative digital audio technology company headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our ground-breaking device, the AuraWand, revolutionizes the world of immersive/spatial audio content creation in both live and studio settings. We have redefined the way audio professionals interact with spatial mixing and multi-channel/immersive performance environments by seamlessly merging the control of sound trajectories and projection characteristics with intuitive physical gestures. Our technology bridges the gap between artists and their audio creations, allowing them to focus solely on the art of listening rather than software manipulation. AuraWave is helping to shape the future of spatial audio innovation in Alberta and around the world.