2023 Finalist: Regional Innovation Champion

Finalist: Virtunurse (Matthew Jubelius, Founder) – Medicine Hat

Initiative: Increasing Healthcare Access for Albertans: Nurse-Driven Online Walk-in and Family Clinic

Virtunurse was created to address the shortage of family physician clinics across Alberta and increase access to healthcare services for Albertans. The nurse-led and nurse-driven online clinic is the first of its kind to offer online walk-in, clinical and mental health support and services as a traditional family clinic. Virtunurse elevates the standard of health care in two unique ways; (1) The patient selects the practitioner that will best suit their health-related concerns on that particular day, and (2) The patient selects the appointment time that works best for them. Through Virtunurse’s innovative approach to supporting patients and model, we are able to reduce the daily strain on family clinics, over-subscribed walk-in clinics, and emergency departments. The results include: increased access to healthcare services, efficient and effective treatment and referral, leading to improved health outcomes for Albertans.