Autism CanTech!

2022 Winner: Social Innovation: Programs Promoting Autism (Neurodiversity Inclusion)

WINNER: Autism CanTech!

Initiative: Empowering Autistic Individuals and Employers to Build More Inclusive Workplaces

A federally funded program to teach employability and technical skills to Autistic individuals, while also working with and training employers to diversify their workforce. This successful initiative is improving employment outcomes for Autistic individuals, with 48% of our participants employed in technical roles – while employer data shows that they too are benefiting from the operationalization and growth of their inclusive policies.

Autism CanTech! is a recipient of the Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant through Unity Technologies and Meta and will be presenting at the Disability and Work in Canada 2022 Conference, the Cannexus 2023 Conference, the Future Works of Canada Conference, and the ASU+GSV Summit.