Richard Glen Uhrig & Michael Taschuk (G2V Optics Inc.)

2022 Winner: Applications in Agri-food Production

WINNER: Richard Glen Uhrig & Michael Taschuk (G2V Optics Inc.)

Initiative: Agriculture, Solar – Improving Horticulture through LED Light Technology

G2V Optics Inc. – G2V was founded because the world’s leading researchers, engineers, designers, and dreamers are creating a better future — and that future revolves around the power of the sun. To create scalable, real-world solutions, dreamers need precise solar simulations. Product: Precise LED solar simulators.

Richard Glen Uhrig, Principal Scientist-G2V Optics Inc, Assistant Professor – University of Alberta
Publication record in applying biochemistry and molecular biology to elucidate the biochemical characteristics and biological function of proteins. Focus on use of precise LED plant lighting technology to increase plant productivity with zero increase in energy inputs – improving vertical farming and controlled growth environment sector’s productivity and economic feasibility.

Michael Taschuk, Ph.D, P.Eng., Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Taschuk is a renowned expert in optoelectronic systems, managing multi-disciplinary teams to develop advanced lighting, electronics, and characterization systems including sensing and forensic techniques in collaboration with industry partners. He is the named inventor on several patents, and author of a textbook and 50 peer-reviewed journal articles.