Dr. Leonard T. Bruton

1992 Winner: Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Science

Inventor Develops Technology To Advance Voice And Data Transmission

Voice and data transmissions owe their clarity to filters, many of which in turn own their development to Dr. Bruton. He invented the Frequency Dependent Negative Resistance (FDNR) class of microelectronic filters, which meet the most stringent requirements of the world’s leading telecommunications and instrumentation companies.

He also invented the Lossless Discrete integrator (LOI) filter structure that is the basis for switched capacitor LDI ladder filters. These filters are used world-wide to limit the bandwidth of transmitted and received voice signals to an internationally agreed frequency.

Dr. Bruton is an Electrical Engineering Professor at the University of Calgary, and is a founding member of Micronet, a $10.8 million centre of excellence established by the federal government to support research and development of microelectronic devices, circuits and systems for the ultra large scale integrated circuits.