Connor Povoledo, Level 7 and Wound3

2023 Winner: Student Changemaker of the Year

Winner: Connor Povoledo, President, Level 7 and Wound3

Presenter: David James – Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation – Government of Alberta

Initiative: A Young Change Maker in Action

Connor Povoledo is training as an engineer and an entrepreneur. He has diverse, hands-on experience in the significant majority of engineering fields, including: electrical, mechanical, materials, software, structural, and biomedical engineering. Through his numerous consulting and leadership involvements with developing and established enterprises, Connor has developed a strong appreciation for the practical nuance of excellent engineering solutions – specifically with an emphasis on scalable implementations (manufacturing line optimizations, software compatibility improvements, etc.). From an operations perspective, as the co-founder of Level 7 Plastics (a University of Alberta-based plastics recycling and up-scaling facility), Connor effectively manages team members, coordinates business-to-business partnerships, and oversees strategic planning for future expansion. Connor is also the co-founder, President and lead back-end developer for Wound³, overseeing AI and analytics developments, while also responsible for creating collaboration opportunities with clinics and other businesses in the chronic wound space.