Dr. Phone Fix

2023 Winner: Change Makers (Company)

Winner: Dr. Phone Fix (Piyush Sawhney, Founder, CEO )

Presenter: David James – Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation – Government of Alberta

In photo: Accepting on his behalf – Chris McLeodEdmonton Global

Initiative: Pioneer ‘Fixer’ of scientific marvel – the cell phone

Piyush Sawhney is a 34-year-old multiple award-winning, eco-committed pioneer of Canada’s multi-million dollar cell phone repair and pre-owned phone business, which is essential to every Albertan for work, school or play and which every ASTech organizer, judge, nominee or sponsor rely upon by the minute.

He’s built Canada’s largest privately owned company in the category in just over three years and repairs thousands of cell phones for Albertans with 20 locations in the province, and diverts thousands from landfills as e-waste. He and the company he founded, Dr. Phone Fix, are setting industry standards and have become a model. He has brought world attention to Alberta as a centre of innovation, discovery and entrepreneurship and shared the stage in London, England, with Telus, Bell and IBM – winning top awards for telecommunications.