EnviroApps Inc. (Amit Bhargava, CEO)

2023 Finalist: Digital Innovation, Sustainability Solutions/ Approaches

Finalist: EnviroApps Inc. (Amit Bhargava, CEO)

Initiative: Digital Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Shipping Documents

EnviroApps is a pioneer in helping the industry save lives and make lives easier through paperless shipping documents. Regulations require shipping documents to accompany dangerous goods and hazardous waste during their transport, however, when an emergency event occurs, Emergency Responders cannot access those paper documents from the Truck. Any delays in retrieving this critical information results in worse consequences from a public safety and environmental perspective. EnviroApps provides a proven digital solution that can provide the information to First Responders in less than 3 minutes. Also, TDG Shipping documents are the biggest reason for TDG non-compliance, as much as 10%. This can be easily avoided using our platform.

Amit Bhargava, CEO of EnviroApps, has more than 24 years of widely varied experience managing Environmental and Regulatory Compliance for the Industry. His passion to solve the pain he had to endure dealing with certain archaic processes led him to form EnviroApps. Upon realizing the importance of EnviroApps’ digital solution from a public and Emergency Responder’s safety perspective, he has made it a mission to raise awareness and persuade the industry to do their part and provide reliable, complete, accurate and timely information to our heroes – Emergency Responders, who put their lives at risk to deal with an emergency.