Grozic, Dr. Jocelyn

2001 Winner: Leaders of Tomorrow

Developing Technology To Extract Gas From Soil

Dr. Jocelyn Grozic, one of the few researchers in the world studying “gassy” soils has emerged as a future leader in engineering academics. Through her research at the University of Calgary, she is making fundamental contributions to the field of soil mechanics.

Untapped Resources

Gas can make significant changes to onshore and offshore soils. Gas hydrates within the soil are ice-like materials composed of water molecules, which in turn, encapsulate natural gas molecules. Since immense quantities of gas hydrates exist in permafrost and offshore regions, development of new technologies for gas recovery from hydrate reserves would help solve the world’s ever-increasing demand for natural gas.

Dr. Grozic is conducting collaborative, multidisciplinary research aimed at developing these innovative technologies. Her work is being recognized and supported by numerous organizations worldwide. Recently, she was selected as one of only two delegates to represent Canada at the International Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference in the UK.

Dual Commitment

She has published 10 refereed journal and conference papers, authored numerous consulting reports and presented her research findings at prominent national and international conferences. Strongly committed to education, Dr. Grozic’s teaching abilities have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous university teaching awards and is currently spearheading a new workshop aimed at bridging the gap between junior and senior academics in the field across Canada.