Malibu Engineering Ltd.

1993 Winner: Industrial Research

Laser Measuring Device Sets Company Ahead Of The Curve

Tally-Ho is an innovative laser measuring device which should help Malibu Engineering Ltd. leaves its competitors in the distance. The Calgary-based company, established in 1989, provides engineering consulting services and specialized software development for the petroleum industry.

Innovative Technology

Two commercial products, Drillpak and Servicpak, were developed to improve information management at well sites during drilling, completions and workovers. Tally-ho, a precision tool that makes use of laser technology, was conceived to improve the process of measuring pipe and to replace existing steel measuring tapes which are slow, inefficient and unfriendly in winter weather conditions.

The industrial Research Prize will enable Malibu Engineering Ltd. to employ Keith Procter, the originator of the Tally-Ho concept, to work on the production of an operational prototype, conduct a market study and prepare a production and distribution plan. The commercial version of the Tally-Ho technology has a broad scope of industrial applications and moves potential product sales beyond both the petroleum industry and Canada’s borders.