Masliyah, Dr. Jacob

1993 Winner: Innovation In Oil Sands Research Sponsored By Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Fluid Modelling Simulation Benefits Oil Industry

For the past 15 years, Dr. Jacob Masliyah has made an indispensable contribution to the oil sands industry as a researcher, educator and consultant. Dr. Masliyah has applied his research on fluid-particle mechanics and the numerical modeling of fluid flow on a practical basis to oil sands separation processes. He has created innovative and sophisticated computer simulation programs for the operation of complex and large scale extraction plants.

The Extraction Simulation Model developed by Dr. Masilyah for the Syncrude Expansion Project details the major units needed within a commercial bitumen extraction plant. This model has been adapted for the design of other facilities with unique operating conditions.

The oil sands industry and the scientific community have also been well served by Dr. Masliyah’s participation in a variety of committees and his more than 150 journal publications and presentations. In addition, he is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his teaching, scholarship and service. Dr. Masliyah’s high standards, professional integrity and many valuable contributions to the oil sands industry make him most worthy of this prize.