Molero-Sanchez, Dr. Beatriz

2021 Finalist: Outstanding Woman in Innovation sponsored by TSGI Corporation

Dr. Beatriz Molero-SanchezImagine CO2 becoming a profitable asset, while also lowering our carbon footprint

Imagine a future, where CO2 can be recycled into a wide range of chemicals/fuels and useful products, including carbon monoxide and synthesis gas, ultimately forming materials such as green/biodegradable plastics and polymers. Instead of CO2 being a liability for planet earth, it can now become a profitable asset, while also lowering our carbon footprint. Imagine also that the conversion of carbon dioxide could run on renewable energy, solar and wind, thus storing it rather than wasting it.

Dr. Molero has been working on this over the past 10 years. She co-founded SeeO2 Energy to commercialize the technology, that can easily convert CO2, which is a notoriously stable molecule, into useful products for everyday use. Dr. Molero is contributing to a global shift towards a low carbon economy to address our planet’s most challenging problems.

Her vision is to mitigate CO2 emissions while simultaneously storing excess electricity in the form of fuels and chemicals for later use. CO2 electrochemical conversion is the hardest piece of the puzzle and today there are no commercially viable technologies. By inserting CO2 re-use into existing markets such as oil and gas, green chemicals or industrial gases, her team is disrupting the markets as they are creating a new class of low carbon commodities that currently don’t exist.

SeeO2’s technology will impact the cleantech, cleaner oil and gas, green chemicals and industrial gases markets.

Their ideal costumer would be companies that are working towards reducing their GHG emissions, while also needing any of their clean by-product gases (oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen or syngas) for their processes. Mid-sized or large oil and gas, metal processing, utilities as well as green speciality chemical industries would fall under their ideal costumer profile.

“While at Innovate Calgary, I worked very closely with Dr. Molero on an exciting and novel technology that she co-invented which, according to our research, had tremendous commercial potential. Dr. Molero helped develop a proprietary advanced material that demonstrated exceptional performance and durability in the catalytic splitting of CO2, and the technology has since attracted several key industry partners.”

Stace Wills
Founding Board Chair
SeeO2 Energy Inc.