Sunil Vedula (Nanoprecise Sci Corp)

2022 Winner: Outstanding Innovation In Digital Technologies – Customer Applications

WINNER: Sunil Vedula (Nanoprecise Sci Corp)

Initiative: Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring, Efficiency Monitoring using IIoT, AI & ML

Nanoprecise Sci Corp specializes in implementation of Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology devices for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring. Timely and accurate diagnosis of machine faults provides insights that allow operators to make decisions that will save considerable time and resources, while reducing incidents and emissions, at the same time as improving equipment performance.

Sunil Vedula, Chief Executive Officer
Sunil earned his MBA from University of Alberta, specializing in Finance and Natural Resource, Energy & Environment. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Sunil’s professional career had him working on projects associated with Oil & Gas and Mining firms. He observed a need for innovative & affordable solutions to material issues of these companies and launched Nanoprecise.