Roxanne Doerksen (TRAD Industries Ltd)

2022 Winner: Recognition Of Regional Innovation - Medicine Hat

Winner: Roxanne Doerksen (TRAD Industries Ltd)

Initiative: Economic and Environmental Waste Recovery Through On-site Vermicomposting

TRAD Industries Ltd – Through a circular approach to organic waste utilization TRAD’s on-site vermicomposting modular system provides a financial and environmental advantage – turning contaminated waste into a biologically-rich soil amendment, in a fraction of the time. Using site-produced vermicompost reduces the dependence of synthetic fertilization, transportation costs (and associated GHG’s) and ground water contaminating leachates. Trad has worked with Medicine Hat College on programs and new ways to track, recover data, and promote waste stream diversion.

Roxanne Doerksen, CEO – Trad Worm Industries, Medicine Hat 2022 Leading Edge Winner Chamber of Commerce 2021 Small Business Winner Chamber of Commerce 2020 New Business of the Year Chamber of Commerce 2020 Draper University top 16 Pitch Finalist.