VL Energy LTD

2023 Finalist: Environmental Applications in Energy 

Finalist: VL Energy LTD(Ling Bai, CEO)

Initiative: Successful development of Predictive Emissions Monitoring System utilizing AI and Machine Learning to reduce/monitor multi-gas emissions

Ling Bai is a highly accomplished environmental engineer and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the field of predictive emissions monitoring. With an MBA and a Master of Engineering in Geomatics with a specialization in Environmental Engineering, Ling has leveraged her expertise to develop and implement a successful emissions monitoring system that utilizes AI and machine learning technologies.

Ling’s visionary approach has not only helped companies reduce their environmental impact but also predict emissions patterns, allowing for proactive measures and improved long-term sustainability whilst reducing companies operating costs and safety hazards. Driven by her passion for environmental stewardship, Ling founded her own company, VL Energy, where she continues to make a positive impact in the industry. VL Energy not only provides comprehensive environmental consulting services but also implements cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies to help businesses optimize their emissions reduction efforts. Ling Bai’s body of work serves as a testament to her commitment to advancing environmental sustainability, and innovation.