Wang, Dr. Lawrence C.H.

1992 Winner: Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Technology

Energy Bar fights effects of Hypothermia

The ‘Canadian Cold Buster’ bar has gained international notoriety as proven protection from the killing effects of hypothermia. Dr. Wang developed the natural-ingredient, sports and recreation energy bar to help keep the body warm in cold temperatures or help sustain exertion both in and out of doors. The bar enhances the use of body fuel, especially the fat stored in muscles. Eating one bar can improve cold tolerance by more than 50 percent, delaying or preventing the onset of hypothermia. During exercise, the bar can enhance stamina, minimize fatigue and accelerate recovery. Dr. Wang spent 16 years researching and testing the ‘Canadian Cold Buster’ bar and has shared his knowledge with the scientific community at large by publishing his findings both in book form and in more than 25 research papers.