Willowglen Systems; Suncor; NTwist

2023 Winner: AI/ ML Application

Winner: Willowglen Systems (Wayne Karpoff, President); Suncor (Gordon Meyer, Manager – Automation); NTwist (Chowdary Meenavilli, CEO)

Presenter: Rollie Dykstra, Executive Vice President, Impact – Alberta Innovates

Initiative: SentientQ: Empowering Pipeline Optimization through AI-Driven Decision Support

Finalist: Energy/ Cleantech

For over half a century, Willowglen Systems has serviced the global automation industry with pioneering technology. As a software development company, Willowglen’s solutions are built upon the pillars of innovation, reliability, and corporate social responsibility. Through long-standing relationships with our customers, partners, and industry experts, we have implemented solutions for some of the world’s most challenging and complex automation projects. Willowglen’s groundbreaking new product, SentientQ, is a next-generation SCADA system. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern infrastructure management, SentientQ empowers users to efficiently control and monitor even the most intricate systems, such as the energy supply of an entire country, all from a single, simplified control room. This innovative solution harnesses the power of advanced technologies to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and optimize performance.

Suncor Energy is a trusted provider of energy that enriches lives, prioritizing the well-being of people and the planet. Committed to growth, sustainability, safety, and capital excellence, Suncor invests in enhancing pipeline efficiencies through emerging technologies, ensuring responsible energy transportation and environmental stewardship.

NTWIST: We are a team of diverse process and data engineers who are passionate about boosting industrial sustainability, efficiency and excellence by using cutting-edge AI/ML technologies. Environmental stewardship is a priority for NTWIST. We help our customers to minimize their sustainability impact on the planet. Emissions or environmental targets are used alongside productivity targets to define success for our customers. With the increasing relevance of carbon accounting and emissions tracking, NTWIST offers a suite of tools to increase visibility into environmental performance and help processing plants track, manage, optimize, and report key metrics.