Z.I. Probes Inc.

1993 Winner: Industrial Research

Energizing the Oil Industry

Technological expertise and innovation at Z.I. Probes is ensuring the Edmonton-based company’s profile in the international energy sector while at the same time contributing to Alberta’s technology and infrastructure. The company, begun 1990, has successfully developed a viable product that electronically measures temperature and pressure in oil and gas wells. International sales have been made in Russia and the Middle East, with the company establishing a regional service centre in the United Arab Emirates.

The company’s highly sophisticated probe incorporates advanced software and electronics, resulting in superior levels of accuracy, resolution and reliability. In developing the instrument, Z.I. Probes Inc. has performed advanced research in power consumption, sensor technology and associated analog instrumentation. With the help of a research student, the company intends to build on its current technology to develop a new, hand-held wellhead pressure recording product which the company hopes will have a significant impact in the energy sector.