Humans of Alberta Innovation

Humans of Alberta Innovation

Humans of Alberta Innovation captures the intriguing stories behind the achievements honoured by the ASTech Awards.

For entrepreneurs, you need to ensure you collaborate with the best people and convince them to become your partners. It’s what Ash Esmaeili did with Aimsio.

Dr. Biao Huang says challenges may or not be solvable.  But he is driven by curiosity to find the answers.

One ruined vacation and one motivational text message was all it took to set Dr. Vincent Agyapong on his path to create the Text4Mood Program.

Dr. James White somehow infused extra hours in the day to wear his many hats. He says finding the resilience and grit to come back after failure is his driving force.

For Dr. Fadhel Ghannouchi, innovation comes from first, doing what you love, and second, gathering the right people and resources around you.

Great mentorship provides invaluable support. For Rick Chatalturnyk, the best advice was to seek out opportunities to speak in front of an audience.

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge and trying new things to help drive economic diversification is what fires up Jeff LaFrenz. He says innovation comes from looking at the world through a different lens and questioning why things are the way they are.

The motivation for biopolymer researchers, Tariq Siddique and Aman Ullah, is a passion for environmental research and a need to discover the secrets of our world through science.

Dr. Claude Laflamme says putting the pieces of a successful company together takes trial and error and the right people with good ideas who realize mistakes and are willing to try again.

It took the right mentors to inspire Pierre Wijdenes and Colin Dalton to pursue neuomodulation with Neuraura. Now, these two are helping give back what they have been given.

Dr. Steve Liang says “business is difficult” and the learning curve was steep in the transition from his role as a professor and researcher to his role as a business leader. He has relied on world-class mentors to elevate his knowledge.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, do what science entrepreneur Tim Davies does and look to nature. Every time you ask how something works, there’s a life’s work.

Dr. Nader Mahinpey says the most rewarding part of research is bridging the gap from fundamental studies to application where you can sense the impact for society and industry.

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