RUNWITHIT Synthetics

2022 Winner: Outstanding Achievement in AI/ML Advancement – Adaptive Learning and Simulation


Initiative: Advances in Modelling and Synthetic Data to Explore the Future of People

RUNWITHIT Synthetics helps leaders worldwide design better, more sustainable, equitable, and resilient futures for all. Responding to the unprecedented, interconnected, and critical futures of growing cities and their stakeholders who face decarbonization imperatives, extreme acute and chronic events and disasters, along with compounding stress from changing industry, demographics, economics, and growth, RUNWITHIT generates complete Synthetic Cities to dial-forward limitless scenarios and optimize solutions for investing in policy, technology, built environment, and infrastructure. RUNWITHIT’s Synthetic Futures Platform provides world-leading 3D, Synthetic Modelling and Data environment – modelling 24 cities and growing, from Kuala Lumpur to Gibbons, Alberta.

Myrna BittnerCEO, Founder
Armed with her BA in English, and finishing her MBA, Myrna started her first tech company in 1992, developing a commercial internet groupware product used by NASA and US West for real-time remote communications, followed by co-founding a 3D neural net visualization research company funded by an Australian billionaire. When they told her she couldn’t, she didn’t listen. Myrna passionately lives and promotes the imperative for inclusion, diversity, and representation.

Dean Bittner, CTO, Founder
Dean is an early web pioneer – delivering thought- and market-leading ventures in hypermedia clients, artificial intelligence and visualization, communications and cryptography, medical software and devices, television and advertising, and large-scale enterprise. He is an incurable dreamer, non-conformist, and coding funder and founder.