2022 Awards Process

ASTech Award Nominations NOW CLOSED.

The innovation ecosystem needs INSPIRATION. A reason to invest, stay motivated and work hard.

The ASTech Awards build on important recognition of success in the innovation ecosystem in Alberta.

Who are qualified nominees? 

  • Companies, Entrepreneurs, Industry Champions, Researchers, and many more. Nominations can be made for companies, teams, or individuals; we want to reward all those who are making a difference in our province.

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2022 Nomination Pathways:

  • 1. [CLOSED] Standard Process Nomination Form

The process is very similar to that of recent years. The Standard Nomination Form has room for approximately 3 pages of information and attachments. This Standard Process Nomination Form is required for all nominations and to be used for all the 2022 ASTech Awards – Event Date Friday, November 4.


Are you curious about the nomination form, our streamlined process, or the information needed to complete it? Check out our PDF example nomination form and see just how easy it is to nominate a deserving candidate for a 2022 ASTech Award. The PDF Form is strictly for viewing purposes; an online submission must be made to be considered for a 2022 ASTech Award.

View PDF Example Nomination Form


Deadline: September 20, 2022 at 10:00 AM MDT

  • 2. [CLOSED] Recommendation (Pre-Nomination) Form (Optional)
Do you know worthy individuals, teams, or companies – who may or may not be in an organization that is staffed to assist in getting this information together? This is your chance to show your support for people who are making impacts locally, Alberta-wide, and beyond – showing the world what we can achieve.
As a pilot initiative by Technology Alberta – this short open-to-the-community pre-nomination form is being made available for the 2022 edition of the ASTech Awards. All submissions will be kept anonymous, reviewed weekly, and eligible candidates will be notified of the community support they have – and encouraged to make a full (approx. 3-page) submission in the Standard Process Nomination Form.
DEADLINE – September 15, 2022.

2022 Overall Awards Process Sequence:

  • [CLOSED] Recommendation Stage (Pre-Nomination): Optional Community Pre-Nomination Short Form* to be completed before September 12. (approx. 10 minutes) Note 1: Earlier applications allow the eligible nominees more time to complete the next steps. Note 2: This Step is not required, if the Nominee is already informed, and is willing to proceed with Step 2 on their own.
  • [CLOSED] Standard Nomination Form Stage: Accepted Pre-Nominees are invited to complete a full award nomination for a specific award category of their choice (typically a 3-page submission) Deadline for all Standard Nomination Form Completions is September 20. (Note: Applicants can proceed directly to this stage – and are not required to do Step 1)
  • Judging Stage: All Completed Standard Nomination Forms are reviewed by the Judges. Finalists in each category are notified and are invited to attend the 2022 ASTech Awards.
  • Award Stage: Finalists will be recognized prior to, during, and post-event. Award winners will be announced at the ASTech Awards on November 4, 2022.

2022 Awards Categories

A. Best in Sector Categories

B. Leadership/Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Categories


The ASTech Awards honour the best of the best innovations in science and technology in Alberta. An independent judging panel assesses nominations against the award criteria to select Finalists and Winners. Nominations MUST draw a parallel between the award criteria and the accomplishments of the nominee. Learn more about award descriptions and criteria here.

Save the date: The ASTech Awards will be held on November 4, 2022, as a hybrid event!


Since 1990, we have added to the ASTech alumni database of Finalists and Winners, providing a rich fabric of more than 500 stories of innovation and achievement in Alberta. Search the database by year or by award category here.

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