Awards Criteria

Research of the Year: Researcher of the Year

This award honours leadership and significant contribution to a science, engineering, mathematics or technology (STEM) research, innovation or breakthrough.

Digital Innovation: Outstanding Achievement in Digital Innovation

This award is honouring leadership and significant contribution through the discovery, application and/or implementation of technology products or processes.

Women in STEM: Outstanding Women in STEM

This award honours leadership and significant contribution to a science, engineering, mathematics or technology (STEM) innovation or breakthrough through researcher entrepreneurial activity.

Emerging Change Makers: Outstanding Emerging Change Makers

This award honours leadership potential in science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching, research, entrepreneurship or a technology-based business. Nominees must exemplify qualities which are expected to make him/her a future leader in Alberta's innovation community.

Agriculture: Outstanding Achievement in Agricultural Innovation

This award honours the successful development and/or commercialization of novel technology or process with significant benefit within the agricultural and food industry.

Energy & Environment: Outstanding Achievement in Energy and Environmental Innovation sponsored by Syncrude Canada Ltd.

This award honours work leading to innovations in the energy sector that advance the science or technology and have a positive environmental impact.

ICT: Outstanding Achievement in Information and Communications Technology sponsored by TELUS

This award honour development and/or commercialization of a novel product or application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This product or app must demonstrate a substantial increase in the overall efficiency and operational improvement in its market sector. 

Innovator of the Year: Innovator of the Year

This award honours outstanding leadership in the innovation ecosystem by leveraging new thinking, new solutions and a new path to create global impact in a science or technology-driven sector.

Special: ASTech Special Award

On occasion, the Adjudication Panel determines there is a nominee worthy of recognition that does not fit into the exact criteria of a specific award category. In this case, the Panel is empowered to recommend a Special Award which is then discussed and approved by the Board of Directors. As this award is presented irregularly and only under special circumstances, there is no criteria and no opportunity to nominate for this award.